Learn Ruby on Rails Fast

ruby on rails logo The best way to learn Ruby on Rails also happens to be a fast way. Check out these links to get you on your way.

Rails Guides
Ruby on Rails Guides – Official
• Hands down best resource. Everything basic to get you into Rails is covered.

Ruby on Rails Screencasts
I can’t recommend Peepcode enough and I highly recommend (both so cheap):
Rails from Scratch Part 1
Rails from Scratch Part 2

After you watch those there are a TON of Free Screencasts done at Railscasts that are all super short with real world examples of most things beginners strive to do in Rails:
5 View Tips
• Rails Forms Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Model Name in URL
Nested Resources
Subdomains and Routing
Named Routes
Custom Routes
Paperclip – attaching photos to models
Integrating with Active Merchant
Polymorphic Associations
YAML Configuration Files
Cron in Ruby

Function lookup and API
There are two good ways to use the api to learn what functions and classes you have to work with. I like the first way best cause it’s a little more searchable even though it takes a little longer to load:

Ruby on Rails API Easy Search and Example Interface – Make sure you use Rails 2
RailsBrain API Search Interface
Official Ruby on Rails API – Harder to navigate

Ruby Cheat Sheet to answer very basic syntax question

Sending Email
How to send an email in Rails – Who doesn’t need to know this? Nobody.

Also, just as good is the ActionMailer Cheat Sheet

Date Handling and Displaying the View
Great Resource for displaying Rails dates in the view or form selectors

Handling Sub-folders RESTfully
Getting started with RESTful Rails

Rails and MacOSX
Good read. Starting about halfway through is where it gets useful really: Developing Rails Apps on a Mac

Using YAML Files
I should use more YAML Configuration files for sure. As should you.

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