Increase Landing Page Conversion with the Conversion Doctor

Couple years ago, actually when I first started really learning about internet marketing I stumbled upon one of my now favorite blogs and people to get webinars from. The Conversion Doctor Eric Graham. I say now favorite because there is a story and an apology behind that statement.

I was a senior at Purdue doing my senior project which was making Senior projects at Purdue must involve a new concept or new technology or the project gets a failing grade. Since no one at Purdue had any idea about online marketing I thought it would be awesome to make that the focus of the project (as well as analytical analysis of course – Google Analytics in particular). 

I signed up for my first Webinar EVER and it was from the Conversion Doctor. His webinars are awesome, so if you ever get a chance you should watch them or watch them the day after. He takes them down after a bit. But you can catch it if you sign up at his Website Conversion Blog.

After this webinar I was pumped. His webinar was awesome. I could use a lot of stuff he said immediately in my project to help out Roberto. I went straight for his blog. Looked around and must have been disappointed, older Max now sees this is for no reason, and left a comment about how I want some more goodies. Young Max.

Here is his response: The Conversion Doctor’s Blog is not “Helpful?”

So now that I am older and actually only do Landing Page Design, Optimization and Web Production everyday for Fortune 500 companies I can now read his blog and understand that it is full of great info (Great Links Below).

I hope the Conversion Doctor forgives me and I thank him for getting me started in the Online Marketing arena.

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