How to Unmute an iPod Touch or iPad

ipod touchAll of a sudden the other day my ipod touch’s internal speaker just decided to mute itself. Either that or I somehow muted it. Couldn’t find how to un-mute it anywhere online but I figured it out. Hopefully this orks for iPad’s as well.

Solution 1: Some people said it was the headphone jack was stuck or something, but all I had to do was (don’t have any headphones plugged in) hold the black button on the top of the ipod to turn it off. Then you hold it again to turn it on and if you go to your music you will see the internal speaker volume is all the way down. Turn that music up!!!

Solution 2: If the above solution does not work someone also left a comment saying that if you hold the Up Volume Button it may magically turn on. (thanks Katie)

Solution 3: Plug it into an ihome or other ipod speaker/player press play, then quickly remove it from the ihome and the slider pops up. Try to turn it all the way down then back up. (thanks Brandon)

50 thoughts on “How to Unmute an iPod Touch or iPad

  1. omg thnk u sooo much! i thought id done something to brake it! it reli worked i wasnt to sure at the start! thnks again! x

  2. The speakers still wont work!! I did the headphone thing and the volume/muted thing. Help!!!

  3. Thanks a million, my husband was freaking out until I fixed it with your perfect suggestion. :) thanks again

  4. well, i tryed this a million times and it didnt work. so i held down the up volume button and thn some how magicaly it turned on again! wow… what a life.

  5. I think the #1 solution above needs some clarification. On a 3rd gen touch, if you press and hold down the power button you will get a prompt to “Slide to power off”. This is different than simply pressing the power button once. After the power off press the power button again. The Touch will now go through a power up sequence similar to a POST on a PC. This is the ONLY thing that fixed my Touch’s internal speaker problem and restored the volume slider bar when there was no headphones plugged in.

  6. Thought I was going made as i was sure I had previously played music over the speaker. Thank you, you’re a star!

  7. Use a Dust Free Multi-purpose Can and spray
    the headphone jack plug. It works every time.

  8. my ipod wont play music i tryed all three salutions and still nothing everytime i click on the song i want to listen to it goes to the play screen and backs out to the first screen i tryed all three my i pod said it is still muted

  9. thank u thank so much! i’m worried it won’t play sounds again.. thanks 2 u!!! :D

  10. hey yah it worked fir my iPad I just turned it off then pulled it in then turned it on and it worked

  11. I have a 2nd gen Ipod Touch. Worked perfectly until I upgraded to IOS 4.2.1. Now, I lost ALL sound on my Ipod! When I try to play a song or video, it just goes back to the playlist. Does ANYONE know how to fix this? Thank you

  12. Btw…I tried restoring it in iTunes, rebooting it, downgrading to an earlier IOS (but cannot ) , :( ……I don’t know what else to try. I Googled it and apparently a lot of ppl have this same problem.

  13. Ok,do recently (today) I was eating a bowl of cereal and I dropped my iPod in it -_- I quickly retrieved it and it was fine about 5 hours later the volume was like not working unless I used headphones .I tried all of these things I finally was like man -_- so I started sucking were my headphones jack is. Hopeint some milk would like come out . No milk came out . But my iPod was fixed !! I believe the switch inside the jack was stuck !everyone should try this if these methods don’t work :)

  14. omg!!!! thank u so much!! i almost got a heart attack when it stopped working. your tip worked!!!! thank u, thank u, thank u!!!

  15. there is a small button to the right of the volume toggle on my iPad. I slid It to the right and was un muted. This was driving me crazy. I guess Ron moving the iPad around, I (or my kids)’, must have slid it to the mute position.

  16. I tried every single solution on the net and all your solution it didn’t work…I know that the sound is working coz only one application of the baby piano is working perfectly but not the utube music and other applications like games and vedios
    They only work when I plug the headphones …nonetheless I tried everything but in vain plz help it drives me crazy …I h ave the old version off the iPad with no built in camera or mic than you

  17. I had this happening:
    - would press up or down the volume buttons, and the volume slider won’t even show, and I checked 1000 times, the mute button was off
    - even if I muted and then un-muted it, just pressing the up or down volume buttons would re-mute the phone
    - I even restored the os (5.1), but issue is still there

    So, how did I fix it? Just hold up the up-volume button, for a little second … was enough. And now it works ok!

    Weird bug. Weird way to fix it! Thanks for the help!

  18. Same problem but went to the Apple Store and they said it was a hardware issue. So they exchanged my 2nd generation for a brand new one.

  19. I tried the steps above din’t work….
    but when I turn the ringing and sounds off on settings then restart my ipod it worked!!! try turning of the sounds and rining alert before restarting be sure that the soun bar is at max…. hope this works

  20. Hey guys, this suggestion is great, however, it did not work for me.
    This is an easier way to do this:
    *Go to “settings” app.
    *Go to “sounds”, yes, this is still in the “settings” app.
    *Go to “Ringer and Alerts”.
    *If you claim that your volume is muted than the little slide will be all the way to the left.
    *Now all you have to do is slide the button to the right and it is turned up and you can finally here the “click” of your keyboard again! :)

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  22. any ideas on doing it on a 5th gen touch??
    my sons aint been working for months when playing vids or music but works fine with notifications

  23. Soooo grateful! Solution 2 worked for me! Apparently the volume with headphones got turned ALL THE WAY DOWN. I don’t know how that happened but i know it happened just by plugging in the headphones one day as I saw the word muted come up on the screen but could NOT figure out how to unmute. Volume was just fine without the headphones.

  24. You can also go into Siri and then press the volume button up and then quickly close out of Siri.

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