web design and html coding

Web Design, HTML, CSS Coding

I am an expert at Pixel Perfect Web Design and Front-End coding.

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seo search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

When I code or audit your web page I give you the best site design and markup for SEO. This helps Google, Bing and Yahoo crawl and index your site higher.

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ruby on rails, php and wordpress developer

Back-End Development

Ruby on Rails, PHP and Wordpress. I can make you a website where you can manage the site and all it's content by yourself.

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Maximilian Page

Natively from Minnesota, I moved here after I graduated from Purdue and have loved it since.

My degree is in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue. It is a half-and-half degree where we learned how to do Web Design and Web Development.

I have worked for a bunch of places that sound cool. Interned at USBank Headquarters doing Intranet & ATM Usability testing. Space150 as a intern for 2 summers. 1 summer was Web Design and another Summer was Video Editing for the Web. Interned at TopRank Online Marketing doign Web Design, HTML + CSS, and Search Engine optimization.

I have been working at Leapfrog Online for the past 3 years as a Web Producer doing Web Design, Mobile Design, and Front-End Development (HTML, CSS & JQuery). I have done Front-End Dev in Ruby on Rails, Python (Jinja), and PHP.

Some web things I love:

  • I am also an avid installer of Wordpress and love it’s simplicity for easy web stuff .
  • Making Web Sites for small businesses and doing SEO to generate free, organic leads
  • Doing quick Ruby on Rails projects

My latest project is Designing, Developing (Ruby on Rails), and Running Scorebookz.com.

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